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 Just few of the stores
at Hilltop by the Bay: 

Foot Locker




Hilltop by the Bay

2200 Hilltop Mall Road
Richmond, CA 94806


34 Stores
6 Restaurants

Formerly Hilltop Mall

Hilltop by the Bay Stores Products/Services Phone /
24 Hour Fitness
Fitness 510-758-2224
XE, 1st Floor
other locations

Armed Forces Recruiting
Military recruiting 510-223-7060
B116, 1st Floor
other locations

D116, 1st Floor

Champs Sports
Shop Champs Sports online
Sporting Goods & Outdoors 510-223-3868
A245, 2nd Floor
other locations

Chinese Martial Arts
Chinese restaurant 510-223-7468
A102, 1st Floor

Classick Sunglasses
Sunglasses 510-383-0194
T35, 1st Floor

Crave BBQ
Barbecue Restaurant 510-501-5138
D107, 1st Floor

Cellular 510-758-1825
C103, 1st Floor
other locations

Customize It
D122, 1st Floor

D3 Comic Books
Books 510-283-5051
B224, 2nd Floor

Exotic Custom Jewelry
Jewelry 510-223-2175
A236, 2nd Floor

Express Jewelry Repair
Jewelry 510-669-1660
D235, 2nd Floor

EZ Eyebrow
Eyebrows 510-758-4288
B222, 2nd Floor

Foot Locker
Shop Footlocker online
Athletic shoes & apparel 510-223-0114
C231, 2nd Floor
other locations

Fragrance Shop
Fragrance 510-223-3318
B114, 1st Floor

Men's Clothing 510-223-5133
A106, 1st Floor
other locations

Global Cell
Cellular 510-758-4635
T20, 1st Floor
other locations

Great Khan's
Mongolian BBQ 510-222-9833
A239, 2nd Floor
other locations

Home Design & Electronics
Electronics 510-222-8494
D234, 2nd Floor

Iceberg Diamonds
Jewelry 510-223-3569
K126, 1st Floor

Kids Footlocker
Shop Kids Foot Locker online
Kids' athletic shoes & apparel 510-222-6784
C109, 1st Floor
other locations

Loard's Ice Cream
Ice cream 510-243-6667
D123, 1st Floor

Shop Macy's online
Department Store 510-222-3333
XA, 1st Floor
other locations

Multicultural Children's Bookstore
Books 510-322-4781
B225, 1st Floor

Women's Clothing 510-223-4015
A112, 1st Floor
other locations

Sam's Jewelers
Jewelry 510-758-1440
D246, 1st Floor
other locations

Shop Sears online
Department Store 510-262-4000
XD, 1st Floor
other locations

Shiekh Shoes
Footwear 510-669-9317
C243, 1st Floor
other locations

Shoe Palace
Footwear 510-243-1700
B103, 1st Floor
other locations

Sports Affair
Sports 510-223-1060
D119, 1st Floor

Sprint Cellular 510-223-3531
A120, 1st Floor
other locations

Clothing 510-758-5055
A244, 2nd Floor

Subway Sandwiches 510-223-7827
A238, 2nd Floor
other locations

Surf City Squeeze Smoothies 510-758-5009
D247, 2nd Floor
other locations

The Corner
C107, 1st Floor

The High Prestige
B226, 2nd Floor

Tip Top Fashion
Men's Clothing 510-778-0322
D120, 1st Floor
other locations

Treasure Island
Jewelry 510-758-5574
D125, 1st Floor
other locations

Vasco Career Center
D127, 1st Floor

Walmart Discount variety store 510-669-1342
XC, 1st Floor
other locations

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Inns & Hotels near Hilltop by the Bay
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$ 179.99
3150 Garrity Way, Richmond CA
0 mile(s) from mall

$ 87.21-103.21
2600 Appian Way, Pinole CA
1.7 mile(s) from mall

$ 158.99-225.54
2525 San Pablo Dam Road, San Pablo CA
1.8 mile(s) from mall

$ 183.60-344.00
2086 Allston Way, Berkeley CA
5.8 mile(s) from mall

$ 135.17-347.66
200 Marina Blvd., Berkeley CA
7.9 mile(s) from mall

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* Distances are measured in a straight line.  Actual distances using roads may be a bit longer.

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