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 Just few of the stores
at Hudson Mall: 

Bath & Body Works

Old Navy Outlet

Foot Locker

Game Stop

Hudson Mall

701 Route 440
Jersey City, NJ 07304


35 Stores
1 Restaurant

Hudson Mall Hours

Restaurant, department store,
and holiday hours may vary

Hudson Mall Stores Products/Services Phone /
2000 Urban Inc.
Next to Shoe Dept. and Foot Locker; across from Bath & Body Works

A Dollar
Dollar Store 201-309-1885
Next to Hudson Rehab and Shoe Dept; across from Good Fortune
other locations

Anson Animal Rides

Ashley Stewart
Women's Clothing 201-309-1060
Next to Bank Of America ATM; across from HR Block
other locations

Asian Food Market
Next to Big Lots; across from Toys R US

AT&T Cellular 201-332-9500
Across from Popeyes
other locations

Bath & Body Works
Shop Bath & Body Works online
Bath & skin care 201-395-0402
Next to Jenuine and Nobel Optics ; across Foot Locker
other locations

Big Lots
Discount 201-433-9890
Outside near Marshall's and Asian Food Market
other locations

Chuck E. Cheese's
Pizza and kids' entertainment 201-333-5348
Outside Next to Old Navy
other locations

DeCor Home
Home Decor 201-324-1133
Next to Manstyles and Good Fortune; across from A Dollar
other locations

Diamond Hut
Jewelry 201-332-4150
Next to Popeyes; across from AT&T

Foot Action
Footwear 201-433-7100
Next to Foot locker Kids and Hudson Cinema
other locations

Foot Locker
Shop Footlocker online
Athletic shoes & apparel 201-435-3931
Center Mall across from Bath & Body Works
other locations

GameStop Video/computer games Next to Pizza Plus and Bank of America ATM other locations

General Nutrition Center
Shop GNC online
Nutrition & vitamins 201-451-8843
Next to Good Fortune and Jenuine; across from Shoe Dept
other locations

Gold Valley
Jewelry 201-333-4905
In front of Wonder nail next to Payless, across from Ashley Stewart
other locations

Good Fortune
Next to Decor Home and GNC ; arcoss from Shoe Dept

H&R Block
Tax preparation 201-432-3332
Next to Restrooms and Hibachi Grill; across from Ashley Stewart
other locations

Hudson Cinemas
Movie Theater 201-860-9147
Next to Foot Action

Hudson Medical Plaza
Health care Next to Hibachi Grill and Rainbow

Hudson Rehab Spa
Day spa 201-315-9859
Next to Foot Locker and A Dollar ; across from Manstyles

Next to GNC and Bath & Body Works; across from Shoe Dept

Kids Foot Locker
Shop Kids Foot Locker online
Kids' athletic shoes & apparel 201-432-6520
Next to Foot Action and Husdson Cinema
other locations

Men's Clothing 201-433-9830
Next to Decor Home; across from Hudson Rehab Spa

Family discount apparel 201-209-0505
Outside near Staples and Asian Food
other locations

News Etc.
News stand 201-432-5151
Food Court Center Mall

Nobel Optical
Optical 201-433-5080
Next to Bath & Body Works ; across from Subway

Old Navy
Family apparel 201-433-7287
Outside next to Chucky E Cheese
other locations

Payless Shoesource
Shop Payless Shoes online
Footwear 201-915-0003
Center Mall next to T-Mobile and Wonder Nail ; across from Bank of America ATM
other locations

Women's Clothing 201-333-6071
Next to Hudson Medical Office and Retro Fitness
other locations

Retro Fitness
Fitness 201-632-3860
Next to Rainbow

Footwear 201-451-6588
Next to 2000 Urban and A Dollar; across from GNC
other locations

Staples Office supplies 201-435-7911
Outside near Marshall's
other locations

T-Mobile Cell phones 201-369-0046
Center Mall next to Leather Company and Payless Shoe Store; across from Bath & Body Works
other locations

The Leather Company
Leather Goods Center Mall across from Bath & Body Works other locations

Wonder Nails
Nail salon 201-413-5225
Next to Payless and Restooms ; across from Ashley Stewart

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