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Shopping Malls Across America

Find store listings, maps, hours, and more for your favorite malls.

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Alabama 21 malls
Nebraska 8 malls
Alaska 1 mall
Nevada 14 malls
Alberta Canada 1 mall
New Brunswick Canada 1 mall
Arizona 32 malls
New Hampshire 7 malls
Arkansas 9 malls
New Jersey 36 malls
Br Columbia Canada 1 mall
New Mexico 7 malls
California 162 malls
New York 59 malls
Colorado 21 malls
North Carolina 42 malls
Connecticut 15 malls
North Dakota 3 malls
Delaware 4 malls
Ohio 52 malls
District of Columbia 2 malls
Oklahoma 10 malls
Florida 93 malls
Ontario Canada 16 malls
Georgia 46 malls
Oregon 15 malls
Hawaii 14 malls
Pennsylvania 65 malls
Idaho 9 malls
Puerto Rico 4 malls
Illinois 46 malls
Quebec Canada 7 malls
Indiana 24 malls
Rhode Island 5 malls
Iowa 16 malls
South Carolina 24 malls
Kansas 11 malls
South Dakota 3 malls
Kentucky 13 malls
Tennessee 27 malls
Louisiana 16 malls
Texas 87 malls
Maine 7 malls
Utah 13 malls
Maryland 35 malls
Vermont 3 malls
Massachusetts 39 malls
Virginia 39 malls
Michigan 38 malls
W Virginia 7 malls
Minnesota 21 malls
Washington 30 malls
Mississippi 10 malls
Wisconsin 19 malls
Missouri 28 malls
Wyoming 3 malls
Montana 4 malls

Click any state above for a listing of factory outlet malls in that state.
Ony states with outlet malls are listed.

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