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Robin C. Baldwin, Born Napa, CA 10/2/2018 12:45:22 PM
Hello, trying to see what happened to U.S.A. and seeing if there is a small town close to a mall. I am a mother who lost all her time of family for 20 years and her daughter in the mess of unknown, move move move when I did all right things, divorce, and loss when no words were spoken or explained all the days of my life of a imposter family who thought something to do was to abuse and lie! Deceat, and unexceptable sickness, from all sides, I love my daughter Lonni now 31 not knowing how and where she is! So I am looking for a new area and faces to live around that is about family and good things, like my life was all the days of it! Assaults haven't stopped in Seattle where I came close to Canada to see the same prospect to leave CA, WA and now finding HI a enemy, as now finding Canada that too. Hope for the remainder of my life to find a husband, been alone for 20, and am a very needy loving woman in respect to a partnership of straight normal function that has not been lucky in my life! A lot of denial of my American rights to long, that's why!!! All guilty peoples of same abuse most probable or just sick people not my kind! California was an easy loving place, all my life in one town and was fooled by everything looks fine, so no worries, which was never told or warned, not nice! Government owes tremendous amount in my case, missing daughter the main issue and lack of respect for my clean life and responsible for my loss every day, blocking and stalking every day! So I like window shopping and clothes and friendly people without abuse or judgement which would be the U.S.A. laws and life! How are you guys there, my mail, phones and E-mails never come back so the Identity theft goes on, hoping it stopped soon, tried every way to connect or access for my life to continue! I need access to Army or thereof law intact just for personal issues of my parents only, and my safety of profile fraud and abuse. And mostly for passport and direction wanted and needed a long time ago, and not respected as an adult lady and good life, and mother and maternal being only! What ya got there?

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